Daisy Properties believe in keeping things simple and that starts with our fees:

Our Fees

Tenant Find/Set-Up Fee (Let Only) - £395.00
Tenant Find/Set-Up Fee (If using our Management Service) - £295.00
Management Fee 9%


£120 One - Two Bedrooms
£150 Three - Five Bedrooms
£170 Six + Bedrooms

(Add £20 to prices if furnished)

Rent Collection Only - 7%

What does our tenant finder fee include?

Marketing:  We advertise on the following property portals:,, as well as our own website and on Facebook. All viewings are accompanied.

Referencing:  We make sure that the prospective tenants are the right people for your property, in terms of affordability and family set-up.  We will then reference the tenants and, guarantor if applicable. We will apply for previous landlord references and contact employers to confirm employment status and salary. We will ask the tenant to provide 3 months worth of bank statements and we will carry out a full credit report. The process usually takes between 3 and 5 working days. PLEASE NOTE: If you have Rent Guarantee Insurance the referencing will need to be carried out by a professional referencing company. We can organize this for you at a cost of £50 (no vat) £80 for two applicants.

Deposit:  We use a Custodial Service for deposits (it is a free service.)  We aim to take the deposit 14 days prior to the tenant moving in. The deposit is equivalent to 5 weeks rent and it is held as surety against any dilapidation, beyond reasonable wear and tear, at the end of the tenancy.  


Please Note:  A detailed inventory is required as it protects your property and the tenants deposit.  Shortly after move-in it is signed by the tenant as a true representation of the property.  At the end of the tenancy, it is an important document as it is checked to make sure the property is returned as let, minus reasonable wear and tear.

Utilities & Council:  We will take meter readings, where appropriate, before the tenant moves in and contact all utility companies to make them aware that the tenant is responsible for the bills from the move in date until otherwise notified. We also contact the council with the same information.

Safety Certificates:  We will make sure your property complies with current legislation, ensuring that upon move in and thereafter the tenants are happy and, most importantly, safe in the property.  

Rent Collection:  We will collect the first month’s rent prior to move in, deduct our fee’s and forward the balance to you with an itemised statement, together with your copy of the tenancy agreement, Inventory & Prescribed Information.  We then set up a standing order for future rent payments to come into your account.  

What does our Management Fee include?

Our management fee includes the above and in addition:

Rent Collection:  We will collect the monthly rent and forward to you in a timely manner, minus our fee’s and any contractor invoices.

PLEASE NOTE:  We keep you informed as to any maintenance requirements.  You will, therefore, never have any surprise deductions.

Inspections:  Daisy Properties endeavour to strike the right balance between a tenant being able to enjoy the property as their own, whilst making sure it is being looked after for our landlords.  We do this by carrying out an initial inspection at three months.  We believe this is a good time for both tenants and landlords.  By this time the tenants have settled in to the property and we can discuss any issues they may have.  A detailed visit report is emailed to the landlord and the tenant.    If we are happy that the property is being looked after we will carry out our next inspection at six months, again reporting back our findings.  At this point we will discuss whether to continue with six monthly inspections or to carry out annually, the decision will of course be yours.

Maintenance:  Daisy Properties will handle any maintenance requirements that your tenant may have.  We have a list of trusted and approved contractors, or we will be happy to use people of your choice, as long as they have the appropriate insurances.  Either way, we will get the job done in a timely manner, so that your tenant is happy.  Invoices will be deducted from the monthly rent and copies provided.

Please Note:  We will never add an additional fee.

March Out:  At the end of the tenancy we will make sure that the property is returned as it is let, minus reasonable wear and tear.  This is where your inventory is important.  We will also deal with any disputes that may arise.

Keys:  If we are managing the property we will keep a front door key for access. We will also require a front door key for each tenant named on the tenancy agreement. If you need keys cut we will be happy to assist in this.  The back-door key would usually remain in the property.